Build your own electronic brain with NeuroBytes

NeuroBytes is a DIY electronics kit designed to help children learn how the human brain works


There are plenty of kits – on Kickstarter and elsewhere on the web – that encourage children to code and aim to cultivate a love of STEM, but NeuroBytes is different. It is a DIY electronics kit designed to help kids learn all about how the human brain works.

NeuroBytes is an open source electronic neuron simulator that allows you to build and experiment with physical neural networks on your tabletop. It is possible to build circuits that can see, hear, feel and form memories. This helps students fathom the basics of how the brain works in a hands-on way.

Perhaps paradoxically, these electronic neurons help us understand that the brain doesn’t work like a regular computer: there is no central control network and complexity stems not from how sophisticated each neuron is but from the interconnectedness of these simple units.

If you pledge on this Kickstarter project expect delivery around April 2018. For $59 you get a basic package but it costs up to $139 for a complete skin, knee reflex, or eye kit.