Apple Duo: One neat dock for all your charging needs

Tech Tools: The MagSafe Duo charger will charge phone, headphones and Apple Watch


We have more devices than ever before to charge, which may be causing a bit of congestion on your bedside table. Smart phone, smartwatch, headphones... by the time you line up all the chargers, space is quickly becoming an issue. Apple has come up with a solution of sorts: the MagSafe Duo charger. It charges your phone (or headphones) and Apple Watch in one neat dock, and when you are done, it can fold up to take up even less space. That's also handy for travelling – whenever it is we can get back to doing that.

It is MagSafe compatible, so it will snap your iPhone 12 and accompanying MagSafe case in place, eliminating the risk of someone knocking it off the charging spot.