Data visualisation shakes up interactive cocktail handbook

Weblog: Cocktail Guide 2.0 allows users sort festive drinks by ingredient and time of day

It’s getting nippy outside and the shops are brimming with Christmas paraphernalia. ‘Tis the season to begin planning the festive cocktails you will drink over the holidays. Ditch the books and make use of data enthusiast Harpreet Ghuman’s free, online resource: The Cocktail Guide 2.0.

Ghuman is a data visualisation analyst at US media company Discovery Communications, and this interactive cocktail guide is a labour of love designed to ensure the cocktail selection and making process is fool proof.

Created using “data viz” software Tableau, it features 77 popular cocktails that can be sorted by time of day and type (traditional, long, fizzy) as well as by ingredient or preparation type – just in case you only like your cocktails shaken, not stirred. Each selection provides a visualisation of the end result complete with the ratio of ingredients and appropriate glassware.