Infrastructure a priority over tax cuts for ‘Brexit refugees’

Social Justice Ireland chief in favour of €1bn spend on broadband and social housing

Director of Social Justice Ireland Dr Seán Healy: said Government should focus on investing in infrastructure rather than giving tax cuts to attract ‘Brexit refugees’. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

A Government € 1 billion spend on infrastructure would be a better use of resources than giving tax cuts to attract "Brexit refugees" from the City of London, according to the director of Social Justice Ireland.

Seán Healy said investment was crucial to addressing Ireland’s infrastructure deficits.

Referring to future possible resources available to the Government Dr Healy said “investing € 400 million of the fiscal space to deliver broadband to rural areas will have a much better impact on productivity and competitiveness than tax cuts”.

Michelle Murphy, research and policy analyst for the think tank, said a €400 million investment in broadband infrastructure would create jobs, support rural entrepreneurs and local business and rejuvenate rural towns and communities.


“It will also demonstrate Government’s commitment to rural Ireland and to ensuring a more balanced spread of job creation,” Ms Murphy said.

Dr Healy said the social housing crisis was a further example of the need to prioritise infrastructure and “we propose that Government allocate € 600 million of the fiscal space to social housing in Budget 2017”.

Marie O'Halloran

Marie O'Halloran

Marie O'Halloran is Parliamentary Correspondent of The Irish Times