Earnings fall in 2014 but construction workers avoid cut

Workers saw wages cut by 0.2% to €35,768 but construction workers got pay rise of 4.6%

The average annual wage earned in Ireland fell by 0.2 per cent in 2014, down to €35,768, but those working in construction escaped the pay cuts.

Overall, earnings fell back by €62 from €35,830 in 2013, an improvement on the 0.7 per cent decreased recorded between 2021 and 2013 according to figures from the Central Statistics Office. Earnings in eight of the sectors reported by the CSO declined, with the largest decrease recorded in both the education sector and the arts, entertainment, recreation and other services sector (-2.9%), where values fell from € 42,554 to € 41,332 and € 25,158 to € 24,438 respectively.

Construction workers however enjoyed a pay rise over the past year, with their earnings growing by 4.6 per cent from € 36,230 to € 37,884, the largest increase recorded.

IT workers are still paid the most however, the survey shows, with average annual earnings of €53,442, compared with just €16,658 for those in the hotel and food sector.

When total labour costs are assessed, construction workers again sawthe largest increase, with total costs up by 5 per cent from € 40,756 to € 42,790 in the year. Over a five-year period however, IT workers saw the largest percentage rise, up by 11.2 per cent from € 58,594 to € 65,146. The greatest decrease in average annual total labour cost was seen in the human health and social work sector which fell 12 per cent from € 44,081 to € 38,777.

Total annual earnings grew by 2.8 per cent in the year, up to € 57.7 billion from € 56.1 billion in 2013, a rise of € 1.6 billion.