Central Bank in Brexit warning, Dublin a winner and Big Blue’s cloudy world

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Who were the sectoral winners and losers in Paschal Donohoe’s Budget 2019?

Who were the sectoral winners and losers in Paschal Donohoe’s Budget 2019?


Theresa May’s compromise Brexit plan would still lead to a significant contraction in the Irish economy, costing up to 20,000 jobs over five years, the Central Bank of Ireland has warned. Eoin Burke-Kennedy has the details.

Dublin has attracted 25 per cent of all Brexit-related company moves so far, pitching it ahead of close competitors Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam, writes Fiona Reddan.

However, as a new survey reveals, while it might be the “winner” when it comes to winning projects, transfers from London to Dublin have been “modest in scale” with no signs of a “Brexodus” – or at least not yet.

There was never going to be enough cash to deliver any group’s wish list in full but, as always, some sectors feel more hard done by than others. So who were the winners and losers of Budget 2019?

Laura Slattery’s Planet Business rounds up the week for you in its own inimitable style.

Most people fear freezing like a rabbit in the headlights when speaking in public. Olive Keogh finds that a back-up plan negates this risk.

“By late afternoon, IBM chairwoman, president and chief executive Ginni Rometty already has had a chock-a-block day, meeting Government representatives, talking to IBM clients and visiting the company’s Mulhuddart campus.” Karlin Lillington meets Big Blue’s guiding hand.

John FitzGerald argues that by not biting the bullet on climate change now, we risk incurring a much bigger cost in the future.

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