Kate Ryan was one of 2,000 candidates who who received their Leaving Cert results on Tuesday after sitting postponed exams late last year. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Leaving Cert results day is normally a time of heady expectation punctuated by whoops of delight and high-fiving in school corridors. Not this year. (...)

Fianna Fáil TD Dara Calleary: ‘I feel passionately about the protection and preservation of Gaeltacht areas’. Photo:Gareth Chaney/Collins

Mayo Fianna Fáil TD and Government Chief Whip Dara Calleary has been appointed as Minister of State for the Gaeltacht, the Irish language and Sport. (...)

Students improve their language fluency by engaging in sports and cultural activities.

The Government will have to address the economic impact caused by the closure of Gaeltacht colleges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Conradh na G(...)

Carmel Breathnach moved to the US in 2005.

St Patrick’s Day changed completely for me after I moved from Ireland to Portland, Oregon 15 years ago. My mother died when I was 11, but in the years(...)

Conradh na Gaeilge activists and members of the public at a recent meeting  in Dublin.

The Irish language is one of those policy areas addressed in election manifestos which will go largely untested by the time the first vote is cast thi(...)

Ciarán Mac Giolla Bhéin (centre) and other members of Irish language group Conradh na Gaeilge.  Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Business leaders in Northern Ireland have urged the politicians to restore the North’s power-sharing Assembly as soon as possible by backing the draft(...)

Costed proposals from Conradh na Gaeilge show an act would cost £2 million (€2.35 million) per annum with a once-off initial set-up cost of £9 million (€10.58 million).

Fourteen years after the signing of the St Andrews Agreement in which the British government agreed to introduce an Irish Language Act (ILA) the issue(...)

Northern Secretary Julian Smith: he met Conradh na Gaeilge to hear its demands for an Irish language Act. Photograph: Getty Images

The DUP has again sounded a warning that it will not accept an agreement to restore Stormont that has Irish language legislation unacceptable to union(...)

Ciaran Mac Giolla Bhein (centre) and other members of Irish language group Conradh na Gaeilge  speak to the media after meeting Northern Secretary  Julian Smith at Hillsborough Castle on Sunday. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Members of Irish language lobby group Conradh na Gaeilge have had what they termed a “productive” meeting with Northern Secretary Julian Smith on what(...)

Handout photo issued by Sinn Féin of deputy leader Michelle O’Neill speaking to the media at Stormont House in Belfast. Photograph: Sinn Féin/PA Wire

Differences over the Irish language between the DUP and Sinn Féin continue to be a feature of the Stormont negotiations as Dublin and London maintain (...)

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