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Prof Fergal O’Brien, professor of bioengineering & regenerative medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

Fergal, you work on materials to fix bone and cartilage, can you explain? In my lab, the Tissue Engineering Research Group, we develop materials made(...)

‘Children with autism often don’t sleep well, and this can have an effect on the entire family.’ Photograph: iStock

Congratulations, you have just been awarded European Research Council funding – those grants are hard to get. What will your project be about? Thank (...)

Dr Teresa  Lambe, associate professor and investigator at the Jenner Institute, University of Oxford. ‘I love science and working on vaccines, and I am lucky that this means I get to do something constructive in this pandemic.’ Photograph: John Cairns/University of Oxford

You are working on a much-anticipated Covid-19 vaccine at Oxford. When did you start on that? Back in early January, I was watching what was happeni(...)

Abeba Birhane: ‘I study embodied cognitive science, which is at the heart of how people interact and go about their daily lives and what it means to be a person.’

You recently made a big discovery – that an academic library containing millions of images used to train artificial intelligence systems had privacy a(...)

Prof Mike Zaworotko: “Often we already have the solutions, but they have to be matched with the right problems.”

You work in the field of crystal engineering, what is that? Crystals are solids that have repeating patterns of atoms, molecules or ions in their str(...)

Covid-19 spike protein linking attached to a human cell. photograph: Nexu Science Communication

In the search for an effective vaccine against coronavirus, antibodies grab much of the attention. But there is more to the immune response than antib(...)

PhD researcher John Noone

John, part of your research looks at what happens to our bodies on prolonged bedrest – why? Lying in bed continuously for a prolonged period results (...)

Áine O’Toole: “By building tools to track the changes in the virus over time, you can provide information about outbreaks that we wouldn’t otherwise know.” .

What are you working on at the moment? I’m working with the Covid-19 Genomics UK Consortium, to find out more about how the Covid-19 virus – SARS-CoV(...)

Nobel Prize winner Professor William Campbell. Photograph: Laura Hutton

For Prof William C Campbell, Ireland’s only winner of the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, Sunday will mark another significant milestone in his(...)

William Campbell speaking during the Nobel banquet at Stockholm City Hall in December 2015. Photograph: Fredrik Sandberg/AFP via Getty

The stuff of great science is invariably an infuriating mix of chance; observation, much graft, frustration in trying to get experimentation right to (...)

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