Soccer star Stephanie Roche, who sometimes coaches with Keith at Peamont United. Photograph: Donall Farmer/INPHO

Disaster. I knew it was going to be bad, but it was worse. Ordinary maths was just question after impossible question. The way they were phrased, it w(...)

Question 8, referring to an oil slick, was the most novel on the paper

Teachers and students have reacted with fury and upset to this year’s ordinary level maths paper, while those taking the higher level paper were gener(...)

There was no sign of Bono on the Junior Cert geography higher-level paper - the only major rock groups were igneous and sedimentary. Nevertheless, (...)

Blurry maps and poor definition aerial photographs marred an otherwise perfect higher level geography paper, according to teachers. Valerie Red(...)

Our teacher had prepared us well and I don’t think any student would have been too thrown.

“Ssshh . . . your sisters are studying!” That’s been the refrain in my house for the last few months. I’m doing the Leaving Cert; my sister is in the (...)

The essays worked out well, ranging across everything from celebrity culture to peer pressure, to body image. Photograph: The Irish Times

I have spent the last year trying to delete U2’s Songs of Innocence from my iPad. Damned if I’m going to kick off my Leaving Cert with a question on B(...)

The Leaving Cert diarists from Adamstown Community School: Evelina Siaulyte, Natalia Staroscinska, Henry Kareem, Muntaz Rostam, Emily Kane, Keith Coffey. Photograph: DAVE MEEHAN

It was to be a model town. Adamstown, at the edge of the Dublin-Kildare border, was hailed as a well-planned new community where families and young p(...)

Adamstown Community College, the local co-educational post-primary in he “model town”, Adamstown, on the Dublin-Kildare border, is a very different(...)

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