Bruce Willis is reportedly retiring from acting after receiving an aphasia diagnosis which is ‘impacting his cognitive abilities’. Photograph: Damon Winter/The New York Times

As Bruce Willis retires from acting, the filmgoing world wishes the best to an avatar, depending on generation, of their childhood, youth or middle-ag(...)

Mark Rylance has found success and acclaim in cinema relatively late in his career after catching the eye of Steven Spielberg. Photograph: Getty Images

Nice Sir Mark Rylance peers at me in his familiar unthreatening manner. He speaks softly and at great length – a Kentish burr still apparent 62 years (...)

Tommy Morrison lands a right to the head of George Foreman during their heavyweight bout in Las Vegas, Nevada in June 1993. Photograph: Getty Images

At 10 years old, Tommy Morrison’s mother gave him his first tattoo, etching a crude pair of boxing gloves on to his arm. Not long after that, his alco(...)

Photograph: Getty

Blindly in the cold dark of the bedroom he grasped for the phone, found it and fumbled, dialled the rank, and gasped - ‘Hello, Economy? Cab for the R(...)

‘Let’s stick a suggestive name on it, because customers at lunchtime are only dying to be thinking of sexy, handsome Italian men.’ Photograph: Getty

I was in the middle of Dublin town last week, in the market for a take-out sandwich. I went into a place on Dame Street, where I hadn’t been before. I(...)

Edie Falco: ‘The eight years I spent ‘married’ to James Gandolfini on The Sopranos was the longest intimate relationship I ever had.’  Photograph: Celeste Sloman/The New York Times

Edie Falco has never been the type of actor to demand entourages and encores. Fanfares and fuss are just not her bag, and she has little time for pret(...)

Donald Clarke: Nicolas Cage may not be the last of the movie stars. But there is no other movie star doing what he is now doing.

We have been burying the movie star for the last decade. Nobody can open a film like Sylvester Stallone or Julia Roberts or Robert Redford or Bette Da(...)

 There is a sense out there that James Gunn has been tasked with salvaging a troubled franchise. Suicide Squad was a bit of a catastrophe. Wasn’t(...)

We also have the interesting development of certain blockbusters – notably those in the Disney family – making their way to the small screen at more or less the same time as their theatrical release. Photograph: iStock

From witch-hunts in Fear Street to visitations in The Night House. The key mystery here is: why all the horror?  The summer is back! T(...)

Actor Michael Caine and England player Bobby Moore of the POW XI celebrate during a match against Germany for the film Escape to Victory. Mandatory Credit: Allsport UK /Allsport

Critics of Escape to Victory down the years have often suggested that disbelief needs to be suspended from the highest rafter while watching it, which(...)

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