Try to find an assertive and respectful way to communicate your feelings and state what you need without being aggressive. Photograph: iStock

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” – Carl Jung “How much more grievous are the consequences of (...)

The soul: If it’s not in here then where is it? Photograph: Getty Images

For something no one has ever actually seen, the human soul gets a lot of attention. Someone with “no soul” is considered deficient somehow. Work can (...)

Sometimes, I feel like the last remaining adult whose night-time routine involves nodding off holding a glass of wine in front of episode eight of a Netflix series I can’t remember anything about.

I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately about how much sleep everyone is getting. So far, so 2006-2013 – the years best known as the economic c(...)

Venus and Jupiter  by Sir Peter Paul Rubens. Seneca argued that, since the gods  controlled all human affairs, experiencing a setback was a flattering sign that you’d caught their attention.

Hardcore atheists like to say there’s as much evidence for God as there is for Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. But what if there was a god, or a col(...)

Stoicism   is an ancient philosophy that focuses on character: being a good, decent person and standing up for your principles

Stoicism is one of those things that is often misunderstood. Either you think of it as a state of mind that involves silent old men who never talk abo(...)

Ireland performs well in promoting educational equality amongst children, being ranked second out of 41 developed countries in the latest UNICEF report.

Nearly 2,000 years ago, Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius observed in his Meditations that “poverty is the mother of crime”. Nothing has c(...)

Nero’s violin playing amidst chaos and destruction that he caused has contemporary resonance in Boris Johnson’s newspaper columns

The Brexit debacle has been caused by many things, most notably a lack of awareness of history. And what we are witnessing is itself historic - but no(...)

Former US president Bill Clinton plays the sax with BB King (right) and Dave Boruff (centre) in 2001. Photograph: Kevin Winter/Getty

I watched a video recently in which Leo Varadkar wanders among the common man, sometimes just in his shirt sleeves like some sort of crazed nudist, ma(...)

It is a simple enough error, but it plagued me all weekend - Sorry, Epictetus

I made an error, and quite an embarrassing one for a philosopher to make. In a recent article covering an interview with Dr Jordan Peterson, the Canad(...)

Jordan Peterson: neither a Christ figure nor a sexist, transphobic, tyrannical Antichrist. Photograph: James Forde

Until recently the name of Dr Jordan Peterson will have been familiar to very few Irish people. But, on social media at least, the Canadian professor (...)

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