Joy Division

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 Former player and BBC Radio broadcaster Pat Nevin has released a new book called The Accidental Footballer. File photograph: Getty Images

There’s a story about halfway through Pat Nevin’s memoir that just about sums up the absurdity of it all. The scene is the player’s bar at Everton, sh(...)

There’s even less agreement on when middle age ends. Is it at some point in the 60s, or even the 70s?

People often say to Daughter Number Three that she should have been the age she is now in the 1980s. She wears Smiths and Joy Division T-shirts; and(...)

The brand was Steiger – not one of the titans of audio technology but the turquoise livery tempted

There was always a hiss of audiophiles perusing What Hi-Fi? magazine in Eason’s. Standing around and blocking your way. They were in silent ecstasy ov(...)

It’s a Sin: Olly Alexander (front) with Omari Douglas, Nathaniel Curtis, Callum Scott Howells and Lydia West. Photograph: Channel 4

THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS Russell T Davies is one of the great auteurs of modern British TV, and he’s been shooting for the stratosphere wi(...)

Stuart Staples: “I grew up in an industrial English city where people like The Clash introduced different ways of thinking.”

While artists are rightfully wary of reductive phrases like “lockdown album”, the extenuating circumstances of recent times helped Tindersticks get th(...)

This is an exciting time for Irish music. the dreary male with Guitar is being replaced and a wave of multicultural and multifaceted (...)

Punk rock trios are something of an endangered species these days. California’s LA Witch (Sade Sanchez, Ellie English, Irita Pai) have been around for(...)

Paul Mendez has written a novel exploring   sexuality, race and religion  in the UK across generations.

There is much to admire in Paul Mendez’ semi-autobiographical debut novel Rainbow Milk, a vibrant exploration of sexuality, race and religion set in t(...)

The task of bringing literature to television is always a fraught one, but the team-up between two of Ireland's most talented artists, director Len(...)

You want music that winds you down, but also engages your ears and your musical sensibilities, and is written by real, talented artists and not some mindless mindfulness algorithm. Photograph:  Getty Images

It seems a long time since we had time on our hands – but time is pretty much all we have now as we wait for this crisis to run its course and – hopef(...)

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