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Try to find an assertive and respectful way to communicate your feelings and state what you need without being aggressive. Photograph: iStock

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” – Carl Jung “How much more grievous are the consequences of (...)

A little planning and imagination will help to maintain harmony in your home over the coming weeks

In a previous incarnation, just before my first child was born, I left my job in the media and trained as a Montessori teacher. The plan was that I wo(...)

Eco-anxiety: the concern about what’s happening to the planet is a very real in the bodies of young and older people. File photograph: Roman Didkivskyi/iStock/Getty Images

The news is physical. That’s worth remembering when we read about rising levels of stress and anxiety in young people frightened by climate change. F(...)

The term ‘school refusal’ may conjure up the image of a brat who refuses point blank to go to school. However, it’s not usually a case of misbehaving

Almost 60,000 children in Ireland won’t have turned up for school today. Maybe they’re sick or unavoidably absent but many of them, despite the best e(...)

One of the key challenges for children with Aspergers and autism is learning the social skills to make and keep friends

Question: I have become worried about my 14-year-old son who has Aspergers syndrome. He has become much more anxious about going out and has dropped(...)

'I just wish she would open up and talk to us.' Photograph: iStock

Question: My 13-year-old daughter seems to be going through a hard time at the moment. She can fly off the handle and gets into big rows with me and e(...)

Video gaming: John Sharry’s advice to parents is to promote positive habits and set some rules. Photograph: E+/Getty

The Select Committee on Crime, Lawlessness and Vandalism has said there is an urgent need to prohibit the supply of video nasties, which have a damagi(...)

Hearing that your child is being picked on or bullied by other children is very upsetting as a parent. Photograph: iStock

Question: Our daughter is 11 and in fifth class. Over the past couple of months she has been unhappy in school and I had been putting it down to (...)

Secret eating and binge eating are common problems among adults and children. Photograph: iStock

Question: My daughter has just turned 11 and is a very anxious child in a way that manifests in aggression and low self-esteem. There have been proble(...)

Xbox: encourage your son him to have alternatives, whether playing a musical instrument or reading a book

My eldest son will be 14 in a few weeks and is just finishing his first year at secondary school. I’m dreading the thought of how to entertain him ove(...)

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