Edward Carson

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Errislannan Manor, Clifden, Co Galway

Despite house prices rising in the west of the country, there is still value to be had in comparison to prices in the capital. Take Errislannan Manor(...)

Edward Carson’s statue at Stormont. Photograph: Artur Widak/Nurphoto via Getty

On July 12th, 1933, John Miller Andrews, the local MP and labour minister in the Northern Ireland parliament, told an Orange rally at Finnnebrogue nea(...)

Quincey Dougan, a Markethill Orangeman: “A united Ireland negates the existence of anyone called a unionist.” Photograph: Peter Murtagh

Quincey Dougan sits at the Orange memorial at the bottom of Main Street in Markethill. At the top of the hill stands the Millar Memorial Orange Hall, (...)

 Eamon de Valera: I suspect that by remaining in Dublin, de Valera believed he could be brought into the talks at the 11th hour to insist on further concessions, but this was a high-risk and ultimately doomed strategy.  Photograph:  Hulton-Deutsch Collection/Corbis via Getty Images

Éamon de Valera, as leader of Fianna Fáil, was fond of using the phrase “the evil of partition” in his speeches. I, myself, was reared in a household (...)

 Edward Carson’s statue in the grounds of Stormont in Belfast. Photograph:  Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty

There are two ways of thinking about the partition of Ireland 100 years ago. One is as a realist drama – the working out of the inevitable consequence(...)

In a futuristic article for Envoy magazine 70 years ago this May, the lesser-known sci-fi writer Patrick Kavanagh imagined an unnamed narrator visiting Dublin in the spring of 2021. Photograph: Getty Images

In many works of science fiction from the last century, the year 2020 tended to be the focus for predictions of wildly varying accuracy. But the lesse(...)

Arthur Griffith: the many lighter pieces he wrote reveal a witty man with a keen sense of humour. Photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

December this year marks the centenary of the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty, the foundation document of Ireland’s independence. The person who led(...)

“Yes, AA Milne, I’m looking at you. For much of my childhood, I wondered at  the stupid name you gave that donkey”. Photograph: Getty Images

My recent comments on rhoticity – the rolling of Rs after vowels, as practised in Ireland and most of the US but not in posher parts of England – brou(...)

Merlin Holland: British biographer and the only grandchild of Oscar Wilde. Photograph:  Joel Saget/AFP via Getty Images

There is a moment in the new BBC documentary, Edward Carson and the Fall of Oscar Wilde, when Merlin Holland actually moans at his grandfather’s inabi(...)

With Brexit looming, the growing clamour for a referendum on a united Ireland and calls to close the Border as a consequence of Covid-19, it is not history.

The Government of Ireland Act (1920), which became law 100 years ago today, remains one of the most relevant pieces of legislation ever passed in Iris(...)

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