The remains of Richard III. The last Plantagenet monarch.

When English monarch Richard III was dying of his battle wounds, he never anticipated that he would become “the scientific story of a decade”. More t(...)

 Virgin Media Ireland chief executive Tony Hanway: “There’s no reason why TV3 should accept second place to RTÉ indefinitely. That would setting our ambitions very low.” Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The past month has marked two significant milestones for Virgin Media Ireland chief executive Tony Hanway. The Dubliner turned 50 in October, around t(...)

Michael Sherlock in the mountains near Reus in Spain on a 97km ride.

When Michael Sherlock began taking his bicycle to Dublin’s Phoenix Park at the weekends, it was just meant to be a bit of fun to recapture the feeling(...)

An  image provided by Nasa shows Jupiter’s north polar region, taken by the Juno spacecraft 195,000km  away from the planet. Unlike the equatorial region’s familiar structure of belts and zones, the poles are mottled with rotating storms of various sizes, similar to giant versions of hurricanes on Earth. Jupiter’s poles have not been seen from this perspective since the Pioneer 11 spacecraft flew by the planet in 1974. Photograph: Nasa/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS via AP)

The ghostly sounds of the solar system’s “baddest” planet Jupiter have been beamed back to Earth. Nasa spacecraft Juno has captured the best views o(...)

An  artist’s impression issued by Nasa of the Juno spacecraft approaching Jupiter, as the armour-shielded spacecraft will make a record-breaking close approach to the giant planet on Sunday. Photograph: PA

A spacecraft has skimmed the clouds of Jupiter in a record-breaking close approach to the giant planet. Juno activated its whole suite of nine instrum(...)

Giving employees a lift: The Orchard activity centre  in Co Wicklow  runs conferences and corporate training events for Irish and international clients

The opportunity to pelt an irritating co-worker with paint might seem like the answer to a prayer. But paintball, a military-style game in which parti(...)

The Border between the Republic and Northern Ireland, in Co Donegal. File photograph: Paul Faith/AFP/Getty Images

The common travel area between the Republic and the UK is likely to remain post-Brexit, but the status of the Irish in the UK may need to be reviewed,(...)

Jupiter appears to be wearing a luminous crown in this Hubble Space Telescope image showing an aurora over one of the planet’s poles. Photograph: NASA/ESA/PA

Astronomers have used the powerful Hubble space telescope to capture images of the luminous auroras that light up the poles of Jupiter. Jupiter, th(...)

Sport and politics: One of the most eye-catching survey findings was that a majority of people in the North (54 per cent) would actually prefer a single all-Ireland team.

In the Snow Patrol song, Lifening, Gary Lightbody sings, “Ireland in the World Cup, either North or South”, then adds yearningly, “This is all I ever (...)

Drinks were labelled either “vodka and tonic” or “tonic water” and participants were not told the amount of alcohol they received. Photograph: The Irish Times

The accuracy of evidence given by victims of sexual assault is not affected by alcohol intoxication, according to a British study. Researchers at the (...)

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