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Triggered by anxieties and missed opportunities, the play’s beatboxers eventually become monsters themselves. Photograph: Joyce Nicholls

Gate Theatre, Dublin ★★★★☆ Victor Frankenstein, for all his ambition, did not make a convincing humanoid. Frightened by a monster who is gigantic an(...)

Laukik Suthar (right) with NCIS colleague Mark Russ

Things could have been very different for Laukik Suthar. The chief information officer at the United States’ Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCI(...)

Amazon is now an advertising magnet. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Amazon has long been touted as the sleeping giant most likely to disrupt the digital advertising duopoly of Google and Meta (previously Facebook). But(...)

Clip on, tune in ... clip off again

Have you noticed the steady creep of smart glasses into the market? When Snap brought out its Spectacles, they were a novelty, but in the past couple (...)

Little Kelly Minecraft is among the creators using Vudini to monetise audiences

Vudini, a start-up co-founded by entrepreneur Dan Kiely that helps individuals and companies to appear more prominently on YouTube, has raised more t(...)

Facebook blamed network configuration glitches for immobilising a suite of apps and driving some of its 2.7 billion daily users to the competition

Snapchat use surged more than 20 per cent after Facebook’s services went down for six hours on Monday, the biggest winner among rival apps during the (...)

The clips are limited to 30 second s in length, which sounds short but captures quite a lot.

Facebook’s collaboration with Ray-Ban is officially out in the open, with Ray-Ban Stories unveiled on Thursday. We say “officially” because the high(...)

Reddit will use the new funds to improve product features. File photograph: iStock

Reddit, the virtual town square of the consumer internet, has raised a fresh $410 million (€350m) in funding, valuing it at more than $10 billion, the(...)

Photograph: Chris Delmas/AFP via Getty Images

Wall Street expects Alphabet and Facebook to report a surge in digital ad sales this week after smaller rivals showed soaring demand, bolstering expec(...)

Facebook has been irritated by Apple’s new privacy policy, but has it dented its ad revenues? Photograph: iStock

So many pop-up messages, so little time. Since late April, iPhone users have encountered a new multiple choice dilemma: after installing Apple’s iOS 1(...)

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