Rubicon is a yearly, boutique, conference that gathers to intentionally collaborate and explore ideas about how faith can be expressed within our cult(...)

Despite the considerable advances in modern communication techniques in recent years the attraction of church magazines remains strong, and those pro(...)

In a statement, the bishops of the Church of Ireland  noted that “extensive hardship is being experienced in many places across the island of Ireland as a result of recent floods. People have been left without food, shelter, warmth and clothing as a result of flooding and water damage.” Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

The archbishops and bishops of the Church of Ireland have launched an appeal for funds to help people affected by the floods. They have asked church(...)

Irish Roots

I saw my first Protestant at the age of 10, when he joined fifth class in St Paul’s National School in Castlerea. After ascertaining that he wasn’t tr(...)

St Columba’s Church, Swords

Why is it of interest? St Columba’s Church is an interesting example of early 19th-century Georgian churches. It was designed by Francis Johnson in t(...)

For the clergy of the Church of Ireland, faith in their retirement fund to provide is being tested by a €45 million deficit

In the eyes of their members, defined-benefit pension schemes are usually divine. But for the clergy of the Church of Ireland,(...)

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