Dear Roe, I am in an amazing relationship and I am so happy to have found someone I can truly be myself with. Our sex life is great; I rarely orgasm (...)

Relationships go through sexual dry spells, and many people go through periods of not feeling crazily attracted to their partner, and in these times, loving each other as individuals, not just as sexual partners, is what’s going to sustain you.

Dear Roe, Let me preface this by saying I know this question doesn’t make me look great, but I do genuinely want to figure out a way to address this (...)

Dear Roe, My younger sister is 27 and has temporarily moved in with me to save some money. She’s never had a proper relationship, but goes on a lot of(...)

Women need to be allowed to ask for what brings them to orgasm, be honest about what does not work for them, and have their sexual pleasure prioritised on an equal level with their partner. Photograph: iStock

Dear Roe I am a straight woman in a committed relationship of six months. It is a really loving, honest relationship and I am very happy with my boyf(...)

Premature ejaculation: maybe the problem isn’t your partner but how you’re choosing to prioritise a very limited aspect of your sex life. Photograph: Getty

Dear Roe – I’m a 31-year-old woman, and I’ve just started a new relationship with a man. We’ve been together two months and have been having sex for a(...)

Rule 1 is that when you say no to sex, that’s the end of the discussion – there is to be no nagging, no sulking, no emotional manipulation. Photograph: Getty

Dear Roe – my partner wants sex every night, sulks when I don’t agree, and wants to know why. I’ve spoken to him many times about this and e(...)

Research is key to establishing what course is the correct one for you. Photograph: iStockphoto

Just over 30 per cent of graduates from Irish third-level institutions now progress onto postgraduate studies, a drop of 10 per cent from the highs of(...)

“Use gender-neutral pronouns as much as possible.” Illustration: Getty Images

Dear Roe, I have a friend who has recently come out as gender nonbinary, and is asking people to use gender neutral “they/them” pronouns for them. I (...)

One of the most common and effective treatments is a combination of sex-positive cognitive therapy to address any underlying psychological issues, and the use of medical dilators.

Dear Roe, I’ve had difficulty having penetrative sex in the past, it has always been painful and sometimes impossible – I literally can’t let someon(...)

If your first step in flirting is to touch someone, if your first move is to put your hands on someone’s body before you’ve received any indication that it is welcome, you have got flirting very, very wrong. Photograph: Getty Images

Dear Roe, I’m a guy in my mid-20s and I find it difficult to know when somebody is into me. How can I tell? Most of the time, people won’t outright t(...)

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