Competition has increased, so many graduates go on to  enhance their skill set. Photograph: iStock

How to differentiate between what’s on offer and, more particularly, how to ensure your course has credibility in the labour market, is a major challe(...)

Assure your wife that you find her beautiful and are still attracted to her, and that you want to be more intimate with her. Photograph: iStock

Dear Roe, My wife and I have been married since the mid-1990s and have two gorgeous children. Now, my lovely wife has a tiny little belly after our ch(...)

You will always be able to find intellectual stimulation in the world around you, but you can’t substitute a great partner.  Photograph: iStock

Dear Roe, I’m a 32-year-old woman and I’ve been with my boyfriend for two years. We’ve recently been lightly broaching the topic of getting married. T(...)

‘Your husband’s predilection for wearing women’s underwear is not uncommon, and is not a sign of being gay, or transgender, or anything close.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Dear Roe, My husband likes to wear women’s underwear. Before we were married he was unusually interested in my underwear, and after we married he st(...)

“I find myself thinking about her on a daily basis, worried about how she feels towards me.” Photograph: Getty Images

Dear Roe, How do I stop obsessing over a crush? I developed a heavy crush on woman I’d see at regular events. She has pretty much everything I’m loo(...)

Dear Roe: ‘Pornography does not define an orientation.’

Dear Roe, I found gay pornography on my husband’s phone. We’ve been married for 32 years and have three adult children. Do I turn a blind eye to it f(...)

Give your child or children all your attention for 10-20 minutes after you step in the door – doing with them something they choose to do, be it getting down together on the floor to play a game, or with a favourite toy. Photograph: iStock

It’s a dangerous time of day for family harmony: that time when everyone reconvenes in the evening after a tiring day at work, school or creche. Betw(...)

‘Are you being completely honest with yourself , and subconsciously do have a desire to rekindle something with your ex?’

Dear Roe, I’m a 33-year-old man and I was previously with a woman for two years in our mid-20s. After we broke up, I moved away, but have recently mo(...)

'We do have a spare room so practically it’s possible, but I am worried about what this means for our relationship, and our sex life.' Photograph: Getty Images

Dear Roe, I’ve been with my partner for six years, and we’ve lived together for over a year. We’re incredibly happy, I love him to pieces – but we ha(...)

Tomas and Marie McKeon do their best to keep their children – Bronagh (4), Feilim (2), Tomas (6), and Clodagh (8) – eating healthily. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

“Mum, nobody wants to come on a playdate here because you’re too healthy.” Even as a passionate believer in encouraging children to love healthy food,(...)

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