The burden of getting people successfully back together ‘will fall to middle managers, who will effectively become transition mentors’. Illustration: Getty

Patrick and Jane are both team leaders at a growing multinational IT company in Dublin. It is currently paying high rent on empty offices in the city (...)

‘The return needs to be reflected on and it needs to be thoughtful.’ Photograph: Getty

With a significant proportion of Irish workplaces expected to reopen by September, many organisations are already well down the road of planning what (...)

The business models and working patterns of many organisations have changed, maybe forever.

For the last three weeks, the facilities manager for a large tech company headquartered in one of Dublin’s business parks has been giving the company’(...)

If entrepreneurial success is admired and entrepreneurial aspirations are high, why do we only sit mid-table? Photograph: Getty Images

Earlier this summer the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) brought attention to a serious vulnerability in the Irish economy. We are overly-depend(...)