The girl told the High Court she wanted the adoption to go through.

A High Court judge has cleared the way for a teenage girl abandoned by her birth mother to be legally adopted by her foster parents. Mr Justice John (...)

The High court found the proceedings were inadmissible because the foster mother brought her action outside of the three month period legally allowed to have the Child and Family Agency’s  actions judicially reviewed.

A woman has lost her High Court challenge over the manner in which the Child and Family Agency removed a child she was fostering from her care. In hi(...)

Ms Justice Leonie Reynolds has directed that her judgment outlining her concerns at the lack of placements for vulnerable children should be provided to the Department of Health so the issues can be drawn to the “urgent attention” of the Minister.

A High Court judge has said it is “alarming” and “incomprehensible”, given “unprecedented” demand for special care places for vulnerable children, tha(...)

The woman claims the forcible removal earlier this month of the day-old infant, breaches their personal and family rights under the Constitution and European Convention on Human Rights.  Photograph: Collins Courts.

A breastfeeding mother said she experienced “torture” when social workers and gardaí entered her hospital room and forcibly removed her newborn child,(...)

A social worker gave evidence of a history of serious concerns about the home situation. One child was missing for four days without gardaí being notified and the mother also spoke of “demons” and her entitlement to beat the children.

A baby boy  was just a day old when he was forcibly removed from his breastfeeding mother at a maternity hospital by gardaí and social workers on(...)

The High Court heard the teacher  also denies slapping the student’s bottom.

A teacher who denies he said to a female pupil: “Call me tonight at 10.30, I have the house to myself”, has been given permission by the High Court to(...)


It is “inevitable” there will eventually be a “car crash” where a suitable care place could not be found for a disturbed young person, the High Court (...)

The child’s father  said  his 13-year-old boy “was very sick - we couldn’t send him to school because he couldn’t get out of bed. You had to see him the way he was”.

A district court judge has said “there is too much mollycoddling these days” after hearing evidence of children being persistently absent from school.(...)

The project publishes regular reports from the courts making orders under the Child Care Act. Photograph: iStock

Cases involving two children allegedly sexually abused by 11 named individuals in the presence of their parents are included in the latest volume from(...)

A teenage boy who is ‘too dangerous’ for care in Ireland remains without a secure placement, according to a report published on Monday. File photograph: Getty Images/Vetta

A teenage boy who is “too dangerous” for care in Ireland remains without a secure placement, according to a report published on Monday. The case, de(...)

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