Andreas Georgiou, president of the Hellenic Statistical Authority, remains under fire in Greece for restating the country’s indebtedness. Photograph: Roy Gutman/MCT via Getty Images

Homer’s Greek heroes had different qualities – mercurial Achilles was renowned for his bravery in battle, whereas the more patient Odysseus overcame h(...)

18/12/2015 -NEWS- Bernard Byrne, Chief Executive of AIB.Allied Irish Bank. FINANCEPhotograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

AIB’s chief executive, Bernard Byrne, said he expects house prices to “come down” after new supply of properties meets ongoing demand in two to three (...)

Since 2013, prices have risen again by 57 per cent. Photograph: Frank Miller

The current boom in property prices could trigger another housing bubble, even though it is not being fuelled by a boom in credit, a leading housing e(...)

Employment on the up (unemployment down). Photograph: Alan Betson

Wednesday marked something of a red-letter day for the economy. Total employment eclipsed its pre-crash peak of 2.237 million, meaning all the jobs lo(...)

The lowest projection from the CSO would see the population increase to 5.6 million over the next 35 years

Ireland’s population could grow to 6.7 million over the next 35 years, new projections from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show. The CSO have m(...)

Houses under construction: CSO data give more accurate numbers.   Photograph: FRANK MILLER

A very significant data gap in the housing area has been filled as the CSO has published its own estimate of housing completions in Ireland. Policymak(...)

Central Bank deputy governor Sharon Donnery said the risks arising from Brexit, especially a ‘hard’ or disruptive Brexit, were “far-reaching” for Ireland. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The Central Bank has hinted that it may revise its housing supply forecasts for this year and next, on foot of new figures from the Central Statistics(...)

In the first quarter of 2018,  3,500 homes were completed, up 26 per cent on the same period last year. Photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

The Government has overstated the number of new homes built in the State for several years by nearly 60 per cent, new figures have revealed. The CSO’(...)

The real addition to the State’s housing stock in 2017 was probably closer to 10,000 than to the headline output number of 14,500 units. Photograph: Alan Betson

The Central Statistics Office’s new housing output numbers appear to have finally put to bed the controversy surrounding the Government’s figures, one(...)

Aerial view of Silicon Valley at dusk. Photograph: Getty Images

Panic stations, everyone! Dublin is now more expensive a place to live in than Silicon Valley!  A report out this week from employment consultan(...)

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