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The report says that until the early onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the Irish economy remained broadly competitive but with some areas in which improvements were needed

Irish businesses are facing into a period of “extreme stress” due to the continued fallout from the coronavirus crisis and Brexit, the National Compet(...)

Improvement in living standards, a sustainable wage level, and the State’s ability to finance public services are all driven by productivity. Photograph: Collins

Closer economic integration between multinationals and small businesses should be facilitated by the State to ensure productivity growth isn’t left so(...)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn: ‘We have to stand for a serious, anti-racist, inclusive socialism.’ Photograph: Aaron Chown/PA Wire

Jeremy Corbyn has set out plans which could speed up Labour’s disciplinary processes in the most serious cases of anti-Semitism. The Labour leader to(...)

The National Competitiveness Council is worried about the State’s heavy dependence on the performance of a narrow base of firms. Photograph: Reuters

The latest report from the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) come as a reality check to the succession of bright Irish economic data releases we (...)

The National Competitiveness Council said there is much to be done on the domestic front to improve competitiveness

Ireland’s booming economy faces a number of competitiveness challenges that could seriously derail future growth, according to a new report. The stro(...)

The big players in the tech and pharma sectors are responsible for huge amounts of economic activity, productivity growth and tax revenue.

Ireland’s reliance on a small number of major multinationals leaves the economy vulnerable and threatens the outlook for growth, according to new rese(...)

Eirgrid's national control centre room in Dublin. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

The nerve centre of the Irish energy system is a quiet room at EirGrid’s headquarters on Dublin’s Shelbourne Road , where large screens on a wall trac(...)

Traffic congestion is damaging Ireland’s competitiveness, the NCC has said. Photograph: iStock

Ireland’s competitiveness is under threat from Brexit, trade uncertainty, our high debt levels and the economy’s reliance on a small number of export (...)

About 12,000 of the 80,000 CAO applicants are over the age of 23. Photograph: iStockphoto

Up to 80,000 people will seek a third-level place through the CAO this year. Most of those will succeed or fail in securing a college offer based on t(...)

Traders in the NYSE, December 13th. Photograph: Reuters/Brendan McDermid

Stocks globally reached a record high on Wednesday ahead of a widely expected interest rate increase by the US Federal Reserve. Political jitters hi(...)

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