Pills or placebo? Science may not be the only way to understand illness and healing and that the placebo effect is a biological response to the act of caring –  the rituals involved trigger specific neurobiological pathways that modulate body sensations, symptoms and emotions

According to my Collins dictionary, a placebo is “an inactive substance or other sham form of therapy administered to a patient usually to compare its(...)

EnteraSense co-founder Donal Devery: “We want to improve patient outcomes and drive cost down for the health system,” he says.

EnteraSense, a Galway-based medical technology start-up has secured €3.5 million in funding through a combination of private seed investment and an EU(...)

Dr Lydia Lynch of Trinity College Dublin and Harvard Medical School. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

The immune system is constantly doing repairs and maintenance in the body and does not sit around waiting for a call to action, Dr Lydia Lynch of Trin(...)

The bottom line is that painful joints and sore backs may very well be unreliable forecasters. Photograph: Getty

The association between aches and pains and damp weather is all in the mind, doctors have concluded. For millennia people have been blaming the rain (...)

A wearable sensor patch made by Proteus Digital Health is part of the Abilify digital pill study. Photograph: Proteus Digital Health

For the first time, the Food and Drug Administration has approved a digital pill — a medication embedded with a sensor that can tell doctors whether, (...)

By combining light therapy with a contactless sleep tracker, the solution helps people reset their circadian rhythms for a better night’s rest.

Limerick-born entrepreneur Fares Siddiqui is seeking to raise $100,000 (€89,000) via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to bring his company’s Circa(...)

Donal Devery, entrepreneur and a founder  of EnteraSense

Acute gastrointestinal bleeding is a potentially life-threatening condition affecting up to two million people a year worldwide. Currently, those sus(...)

Orreco chief operating officer Fiona Slevin  and chief executive Brian Moore.

Orreco is a company that merges biology and advanced computer technology as a way to help elite athletes train longer, recover faster and reduce the (...)

Doctors’ prescriptions can leave patients at a loss. Photograph: iStockphoto

You have just left the surgery with a prescription in your hand. It’s for a new treatment, but hang on a minute, did the doctor say twice or three ti(...)

The RIA and Accenture are looking to increase the number of portraits of women by commissioning portraits of female scientists. Photograph: Shane O’Neill

If you are in an office now, have a look around to see what are on the walls. If it is the kind of workplace or institution that displays paintings or(...)

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