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Xiaomi 12 Series: The 12 Pro, 12 and 12X each have their own distinct features.

Xiaomi 12 Series Chinese mobile maker Xiaomi has just unveiled its new flagship device, the Xiaomi 12 Series. The series includes the 12 Pro, 12 and (...)

The new range of Samsung S21 smartphones. Photograph: Samsung/PA Wire

Samsung has stepped up the competition in the smartphone market, unveiling the new Galaxy S21 series. The new smartphone line-up includes the Galaxy (...)

BP fell 1.4% as crude prices dropped. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

European stocks closed marginally lower yesterday as energy shares gave up a chunk of Monday’s big gains and banks lost steam ahead of likely interest(...)

Thomas Edison carefully fashioned an image as a hands-on inventor and built social capital with other inventors, financiers and wealthy families.

Many of those involved in innovation fail to win the funding, talent, technical support or other resources required to progress their plans, despite h(...)

Shay Garvey. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Shay Garvey has been appointed as a non-executive director to the board of The Irish Times DAC. Mr Garvey is a co-founder of Frontline Ventures, an e(...)

OxyMem co-founders  Prof Eoin Casey and Dr Eoin Syron. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

While bringing improvements in the treatment of sewage and waste water might not be the most attractive of projects, great research success can still (...)

Apple has $252.3 billion in cash abroad. Photograph: Getty

Apple said on Wednesday it expected to pay a $38 billion (€31 billion) tax bill – the largest of its kind ever – as it repatriates overseas cash, most(...)

A shooting spree in northern California ended at Rancho Tehama School. Photograph: Google Maps

Five people have died in a shooting spree that ended at a school in a remote area of rural northern California with children among the wounded. Law e(...)

US president Donald Trump: Many business leaders remain on his advisory panels and councils. These include Dell’s Michael Dell, Apple’s Tim Cook, IBM’s Ginny Rometty, Corning’s Wendell Weeks and GE’s Jeff Immelt. Photograph: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty

Since its arrival a decade ago, I’d wager Twitter has proven overall to be more of a thorn than a rose for most companies.  As a public-facing p(...)

Corning, a public company with a market capitalisation of $26 billion, has provided the iPhone’s glass screen for the last decade. Photograph: EPA

Apple made the first investment from its new $1 billion US “advanced manufacturing” fund into the multibillion-dollar company that has provided the iP(...)

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