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Accenture’s  new  report found security teams were identifying 70 per cent of attempted attacks. Photograph: Getty Images

The number of targeted cyber attacks have more than doubled in Ireland in the past year, but companies are identifying the attacks more quickly, new r(...)

Trinity student Saul Kenny was left sleeping on a couch following a dispute with a landlord Photograph: Jack Power

Saul Kenny (21) is a final year politics and sociology student in Trinity College Dublin, renting in the city centre. For him the Budget announced on(...)

Drum Cafe is one of the oldest providers of corporate drumming workshops

Drumming has been used for centuries to send messages, create bonds and promote unity within groups. It has also been found to reduce stress and to “t(...)

Research has shown that more diverse and inclusive teams outperform their peers. Photograph: iStock

1. Cognitive diversity is plain smarter While there’s a certain comfort that comes with working alongside people from a similar background, the downs(...)

Companies with diversity and inclusion teams tend to outperform their peers.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace isn’t just a moral imperative – it’s smart business sense. Much has been made of how advances in technology (...)

“Outdated assumptions about the roles of women and men in society are unhelpful, including in the workplace.” Photograph: iStock

Long-held views of working cultures, including presenteesim and standard working hours, are the main barriers to employers providing flexible working (...)

“I also think we need to stop invoking the stereotype of male, pale and stale – many men are advocates for equality, and many women are not, gender does not necessarily determine attitudes to inclusion.” Photograph: iStock

Women make up roughly half of the population, yet lag behind in terms of representation at management and higher-level positions. In Ireland, women (...)

Thursday: Brid Horan will address the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants on the progress of the Better Balance for Better Business review group, of which she is co-chair. Photograph:  Leah Farrell/

Monday Indicators: UK industrial trends orders (Sep); German current conditions, expectations and business climate (Sep). Tuesday Results: Clo(...)


A consultancy report on planned changes within the Garda would “inevitably” cause industrial relations unrest if released in an “uncontrolled manner”,(...)

Banking did more than any other industry to undermine the economic prospects of Ireland’s ‘Crash Kids’. Photograph: Bettmann

Ten years after the Irish banks ran out of money, threatening national bankruptcy and a massive bank run that would have wiped out the savings of the (...)

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