The Sims 3: University Life


Sooner or later we all have to grow up – including the Sims, those lovable, unintelligible creatures you’ve been controlling for the past few years. The latest expansion pack sees the Sims head off to university, where you enrol them in college, pick their majors and generally let disasters happen. Of course, this is based on US university experiences rather than Irish ones, so you won’t have to pick your way through the finer points of Rag Week. Instead, you mix with sororities and fraternities, and your social groups, should you choose to try to fit in, will be stereotypically divided into jocks, nerds and rebels. With these new experiences, you can get involved in protests, become a street artist or even build up your skills for the future career paths you may take. It’s not the strongest of expansion packs, but it certainly fills in a gap between childhood and adulthood for your Sims.