Thousands of students have experienced sexual violence or harassment - study

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Thousands of college students at third level say they have experienced sexual violence or harassment, according to a national study on sexual harassment in higher education.

The World Health Organisation chief has backed veteran rock star Neil Young in his dispute with music streaming platform Spotify, thanking the musician for "standing up against misinformation and inaccuracies" around Covid-19 vaccinations.

Diarmaid Ferriter: Class warfare does not often break out in the Dáil and historically when it did was more a source of amusement than consternation. In one of the more memorable Dáil speeches, after then taoiseach Bertie Ahern announced himself to be "one of the few socialists left in Irish politics" in 2004, Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins responded.

Susan McKay: In The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson's Gothic tale, the civilised Jekyll, fascinated by the duality of his personality, manages to embody his evil side in the depraved Hyde, then finds he cannot control the transition between the two. Hyde runs amok. That's Doug Beattie's twitter account, firing out messages full of attitudes and prejudices that the Jekyll side of Beattie, the man attempting to modernise the Ulster Unionist Party, claims he never had.


"I hope I don't sound like an idiot when I say this but there are great writers who never win anything," Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Paul Muldoon saidas he spoke at the last night of the Irish Times Winter Nights Festival on Thursday.

Author, journalist and broadcaster Caitlin Moran is no fan of Boris Johnson who she says "enrages" her. But, in saying that, he's given her plenty to write about in her celebrity column in recent times.

Mitski: Laurel Hell – Lingering brilliance drifts into the gothic: After 2019's Be The Cowboy – a masterful alt-pop collection exploring the gritty depths of romance and intimacy – Mitski announced an indefinite hiatus.

The board of Trinity College has agreed to pursue an alternative site for the building of a temporary exhibition pavilion during the renovation period of its Old Library, saving College Park from what several affected sports clubs said would have proven a "hugely detrimental" setback to their training and competition needs.

The Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin could be rescued after the Government offered to provide it with funding for a number of years, but the college has been told it must come up with a sustainable long-term financial modelfor the facility, The Irish Times understands.

A friend of mine in a band known for relentless touring, once told me a story about them arriving back home after a long stint on the road, writes Una Mullaly.

A major national survey to determine the prevalence and type of drug use among the third-level student population in Ireland has found that more than half of students surveyed reported using an illicit drug, with one-third reporting drug use in the last year, and one-fifth reporting using drugs in the last month.

Inside Politics Podcast: To understand the strategy and politics behind Russian president Vladimir Putin's buildup of military might on Ukraine's border and how Ukraine, the United States, Europe and Nato are responding, Hugh Linehan talks to foreign policy expert Tom Wright.

The Irish Times Women's Podcast: Halfway through her term as Lord Mayor of Dublin, Alison Gilliland talks to Róisín Ingle about being only the 10th woman to hold the office and her ambitions while she's there, including Brigit 2022: Dublin City Celebrating Women, a festival marking St Brigid's Day this year.