Have your say: Is semesterisation putting too much pressure on students?

Participation in clubs and society on some campuses is on the decline


Are Christmas and January exams putting students under too much pressure?

It’s a question being asked on college campuses, prompted by factors such as high student drop-out rates, rising anxiety levels and declining participation in clubs and societies.

At Trinity College Dublin, hundreds of students have endorsed an open letter objecting to the pressure caused by the recent introduction of Christmas exams and continual assessment.

Have Your Say - does continual assessment lead to increased stress for students?

At DIT - now renamed TU Dublin - college authorities have expressed concern that high stakes exams held in January may be leading to students dropping out.

What do you think? Is continual assessment and semesterisation putting too much pressure on students? Do you have less time to take part in clubs and socieities?

Or is continual assessment the fairest way to assesst students? Do you find it reduces the pressure facing you in the summer exam?

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