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Cherry Red Records (Football Page)

Would you die for a copy of Joe Kinnear singing Irish eyes are smiling? No? Well, how about The Legend Lives On singing Big Paddy Bonner? Or Julian Dicks belting out The Terminator? Or Emlyn Hughes With Suzanne Dando And Kids singing At Christmas Time?

Back in 1992 English record company Cherry Red Records launched their "football classics" series, a catalogue of CDs and cassettes made up of songs connected with different clubs, including Celtic, Wimbledon, Manchester United, Aston Villa and even some of the minnows, like Arsenal, Liverpool and Rangers.

Now you can order these gems on the internet. We particularly like the sound of Smells Like Team Spirit, the Wimbledon album, which features Kinnear's smiling Irish eyes, Chant No 88 by The Reservoir Dons Vs The West Bank and Remember Your A Womble by The Plough Lane Boys (not to mention Vinnie Jones's seminal version of Wooly Bully).

(The Aston Villa album sounds pretty darn good too, especially track eight, It's Up To You Dwight Yorke, Dwight Yorke.)