St Mary's cast net


St Mary's College's lot is not a happy one these days. The catastrophic injury epidemic that afflicted props in the club turned their preparations for last Saturday's game into little short of a farce. An injury to fullback Peter McKenna won't have improved coach Brent Pope's humour much either. But while fate has been most unkind it seems that the club have been proactive in recruiting terms, incorporating a FAS - Find A Second row - scheme.

Planet Rugby came across an advertisement in an English rugby magazine this month. It basically stated that an Irish first division club was looking for a second row but that the player in question must have Irish qualifications, be that Irish parents or grand parents. The club itself was not named but the contact was an e-mail address which began bpope@. . . . now far be it from this column to add up two and two and get five.

It will be interesting to note whether they get any replies and if they can find a second row who can play prop.