Páirc Uí Chaoimh planning to open GAA museum and visitor centre

Board says developments at Marina and Marina Park mean changes to stadium access

An architect’s illustration of the new Páirc Uí Chaoimh development

Páirc Uí­ Chaoimh Stadium Board in Cork has unveiled plans to include a new GAA museum and visitor centre, including a cafe, at ground floor level.

The board is also hoping to make access changes. They say that the pedestrianisation of the Marina, along with the development of Marina Park, has resulted in the need to change how the stadium is accessed.

In anticipation of an increased number of visitors to the area with the completion of Marina Park, the board is also seeking to increase the number of parking spaces available close to the stadium.

The availability of these spaces is viewed as important in addressing a deficit in parking for disabled visitors to the stadium, and in ensuring that visitors to Páirc Uí­ Chaoimh or the Marina Park have a safe location to park.


Included in the proposed changes are significant landscaping and tree-planting, car and bus pick-up and drop-off points, a new set-down area at the main entrance, a drop-off point at the main entrance and a new bicycle parking station on the Monahan Road/Park Avenue junction.

A playground is being proposed between Páirc Uí­Chaoimh and the Atlantic Pond.

A planning application for the proposed changes has been lodged following engagement with local residents, elected representatives and Cork City Council.

The board believes that its application is in line with the objectives and opportunities identified in the Marina Park Masterplan, 2013; the South Docks Local Area Plan, 2008; and the Cork City Development Plan, 2015.

Liaison officer

Páirc Uí­ Chaoimh stadium board/cork county board have also appointed a community liaison officer to deal with issues arising from traffic flow, access and the community impact of events at the stadium. the new officer has already begun engaging with the local community in advance of events and matches at the stadium.

In time Páirc Uí­ Chaoimh will appoint a sustainability officer to help ensure that all events hosted by the stadium meet the highest environmental standards, promote sustainability and significantly reduce waste.

Chairperson of the stadium board, John Horan, says the board has carefully assessed the stadium business plan in developing the new proposal.

“We need to ensure that we put in place an acceptable plan that while ensuring its commercial viability it also respects the environment and our neighbours.

“Where events of any kind are staged at Páirc Uí­ Chaoimh every effort will be made to encourage people not to drive to the stadium. We believe that the stadium has to lead the way in promoting more sustainable methods of transport.”