Wexford appeal to GAA president to drop redrawn league top tier from agenda

Chair Devereux says they would fight league change in court

Wexford are appealing to GAA president Liam O’Neill to take the contentious proposals for a re-drawn hurling league off the Central Council meeting’s agenda tomorrow.

Under the proposed format there would be an eight-county top division, including Cork and Limerick, who had previously been included in the lower tier along with, amongst others, Offaly and Wexford, both of whom have been highly critical of the initiative.

Yesterday Wexford chair Diarmuid Devereux said the county had also committed to exhausting all remedies in order to challenge any adoption of this proposal tomorrow.

“The clubs at county board decided to appeal to the president as guardian of the rules of fair play to remove this proposal from the clár at the weekend’s Central Council meeting and to meet and discuss the matter in way that’s equitable to everyone. That was the stance we took .


“If not, we reiterated our position that in the light of how the proposal has come forward and without the stipulation that it requires a two-thirds majority we will challenge the decision all the way to the courts if necessary if it is passed at the meeting.”

Seán Moran

Seán Moran

Seán Moran is GAA Correspondent of The Irish Times