Kevin Walsh says Sunday Game was ‘unbalanced’ in its analysis of Sligo defeat

Manager rejects criticisms of former county star Eamonn O’Hara

Sligo manager Kevin Walsh: “There were allegations made that had no basis in fact.”

Sligo manager Kevin Walsh: “There were allegations made that had no basis in fact.”


Three days after Eamonn O’Hara heavily criticised Sligo manager Kevin Walsh, following defeat to London in the Connacht football championship quarter-final, RTÉ last night afforded Walsh the right of reply.

Speaking on Six-One news, Walsh countered by criticising The Sunday Game, branding the highlights programme “unbalanced.”

The Sunday Game was very unfair, I felt it was unbalanced in its presentation of the issues that did arise from the London game. On top of that there were allegations made that have no basis in fact.

“In fact, they were allowed to be made without challenge of debate,” insisted Walsh, a two-time All-Ireland winning midfielder with Galway. “Eamonn was entitled to his opinion as an analyst but – as a representative of the Sligo management – we don’t agree with the opinion that he expressed and we certainly don’t accept them as being valid.

“He made his own decision not to continue with the Sligo football team. This obviously is his right but he is not in a position to comment with authority about internal matters in the panel.”

O’Hara claims he was dropped by Walsh after being unable to put his 37-year-old body through winter training from November 1st. O’Hara wanted to return to full training on January 1st. Walsh disagreed thereby effectively bringing to an end a 19-year inter-county career.

O’Hara had said of Walsh’s management team: “Kevin Walsh made big calls this year and last year and, for me, everyone one of them have back fired against him.

“I think he lost the players throughout the year. These players deserve better training sessions, they deserve better quality in terms of tactical awareness. It hasn’t come and Kevin Walsh has a lot to answer for.”

Walsh confirmed he will not be resigning.

Meanwhile, Laois footballers Kevin Meaney and Gary Walsh have left Justin McNulty’s panel following last weekend’s 10-point defeat to Louth.