Dublin to play Division Two home games at Croke Park as league fixtures confirmed

Dessie Farrell’s side will play Meath in a league game in Navan for the first time since 1988

Dessie Farrell’s Dublin footballers will play all of their 2023 home Allianz League games at Croke Park, despite having been relegated to Division Two for the campaign.

Dublin will also have a trip to Páirc Tailteann in March to play a first league game against Meath in Navan for 35 years.

The neighbouring counties last contested a league match in Meath in December 1988, while Dublin have not played the Royals in a championship game there since 1980.

Dublin will have three home games in Division Two, all of which will take place at Croke Park, including their opening fixture against Kildare on Saturday, January 28th. They will also be at home to Clare and Louth as they look to secure an immediate return to the top flight.


Kerry will open the defence of their league title with a trip to face Donegal in Ballybofey on Sunday, January 29th.

In the hurling, Division One champions Waterford will welcome Dublin to Walsh Park for their league opener on Sunday, February 5th. That match will see Davy Fitzgerald and Micheál Donoghue swap the studio for the sideline again as they return to intercounty management.



Saturday 28th

AFL – Div 1: Monaghan v Armagh, 6.30; Mayo v Galway, 7.30. Div 2: Derry v Limerick, 3.0; Dublin v Kildare, 5.0. Div 3 (6.0): Fermanagh v Longford, Tipperary v Down; Div 4 (7.0): Carlow v Wicklow; Wexford v London.

Sunday 29th

AFL – Div 1: Roscommon v Tyrone, 1.30; Donegal v Kerry, 3.45. Div 2: Cork v Meath, 1.30; Clare v Louth, 2.0. Div 3 (2.0): Westmeath v Cavan; Antrim v Offaly; Div 4: Leitrim v Waterford, 1.0; Sligo v Laois, 2.0.


Saturday 4th

AHL – Div 1A: Wexford v Galway, 5.0; Cork v Limerick, 7.30. Div 1B: Antrim v Kilkenny, 2.0; Tipperary v Laois, 5.0. Div 2A (2.0): Carlow v Kildare; Derry v Kerry. Div 2B: Meath v Wicklow, 2.0; Donegal v Sligo, 2.0; Tyrone v London, 7.0. Div 3A (2.0): Monaghan v Fermanagh; Louth v Armagh; Mayo v Roscommon. Div 3B: Longford v Cavan, 2.0.

AFL – Div 3: Down v Antrim, 6.0. Div 4: Waterford v Carlow, 6.0.

Sunday 5th

AFL – Div 1: Kerry v Monaghan; 1.30; Galway v Roscommon, 2.0; Tyrone v Donegal, 2.0; Armagh v Mayo, 3.30. Div 2: Meath v Clare, 2.0; Kildare v Cork, 2.0; Louth v Derry, 2.0; Limerick v Dublin, 3.0. Div 3 (2.0): Cavan v Tipperary; Offaly v Fermanagh; Longford v Westmeath. Div 4: London v Leitrim, 1.0; Wicklow v Sligo, 2.0; Laois v Wexford, 2.0.

AHL – Div 1A: Clare v Westmeath, 2.0; Div 1B: Waterford v Dublin, 2.0; Div 2A: Down v Offaly, 2.0. Div 3B: Warwickshire v Leitrim, 1.0.

Saturday 11th

AHL – Div 1A: Limerick v Clare, 7.0. Div 1B: Laois v Waterford, 5.0. Div 3A: Armagh v Monaghan, 2.0. Div 3B (1.0): Cavan v Warwickshire; Leitrim v Lancashire.

Sunday 12th

AHL – Div 1A (2.0): Westmeath v Wexford; Galway v Cork. Div 1B: Kilkenny v Tipperary, 1.30; Dublin v Antrim, 3.30. Div 2A (2.0): Kerry v Carlow; Kildare v Down; Offaly v Derry. Div 2B: London v Donegal, 1.0; Wicklow v Tyrone, 2.0; Sligo v Meath, 2.0. Div 3A (2.0): Fermanagh v Mayo; Roscommon v Louth.

Saturday 18th

AFL – Div 1: Mayo v Kerry, 7.30. Div 2: Derry v Meath, 5.0. Div 4: Wicklow v London, 1.0.

Sunday 19th

AFL – Div 1 (1.45): Galway v Tyrone; Monaghan v Donegal; Roscommon v Armagh. Div 2: Clare v Kildare, 2.0; Louth v Limerick, 2.0; Cork v Dublin, 3.45. Div 3: Fermanagh v Down, 1.0; Cavan v Longford, 2.0; Westmeath v Offaly, 2.0; Tipperary v Antrim, 2.0. Div 4: Sligo v Waterford, 1.0; Carlow v Laois, 2.0; Wexford v Leitrim, 2.0.

AHL – Div 2B: Meath v Donegal, 2.0.

Saturday 25th

AFL – Div 1: Kerry v Armagh, 5.0; Mayo v Tyrone, 7.0. Div 2: Dublin v Clare, 7.0. Div 3: Antrim v Fermanagh, 2.0; Down v Westmeath, 6.0. Div 4 (7.0): Laois v Wicklow; Waterford v Wexford.

AHL – Div 1B: Dublin v Tipperary, 5.0. Div 2A: Kerry v Offaly, 2.0. Div 3B (1.0): Warwickshire v Longford; Lancashire v Cavan.

Sunday 26th

AFL – Div 1: Donegal v Galway, 12.30; Monaghan v Roscommon, 2.30. Div 2: Kildare v Derry, 2.0; Meath v Louth, 2.0; Cork v Limerick, 3.45. Div 3 (2.0): Offaly v Cavan; Longford v Tipperary. Div 4: London v Sligo, 1.0; Leitrim v Carlow, 2.0.

AHL – Div 1A: Cork v Westmeath, 1.45; Wexford v Clare, 1.45; Galway v Limerick, 2.30. Div 1B: Waterford v Antrim, 1.0; Laois v Kilkenny, 2.0. Div 2A (2.0): Carlow v Down; Derry v Kildare. Div 2B: Wicklow v London, 12.30; Sligo v Tyrone, 2.0. Div 3A: Monaghan v Louth, 12.30; Armagh v Mayo, 2.0; Fermanagh v Roscommon, 2.0.


Saturday 4th

AFL – Div 1: Armagh v Donegal, 7.30. Div 2: Derry v Dublin, 5.0. Div 4: Laois v Waterford, 6.0.

Sunday 5th

AFL – Div 1: Galway v Monaghan, 12.45; Tyrone v Kerry, 12.45; Roscommon v Mayo, 2.45. Div 2 (2.0): Clare v Cork; Louth v Kildare; Limerick v Meath. Div 3: Fermanagh v Tipperary, 1.0; Cavan v Down, 2.0; Westmeath v Antrim, 2.0; Longford v Offaly, 2.0. Div 4: London v Carlow, 1.0; Wicklow v Leitrim, 2.0; Sligo v Wexford, 2.0.

Saturday 11th

AHL – Div 1B: Tipperary v Waterford, 7.45. Div 2A (2pm): Kildare v Kerry; Offaly v Carlow. Div 2B: London v Sligo, 1.0; Tyrone v Meath, 2.0. Div 3B: Longford v Lancashire, 1.0; Cavan v Leitrim, 2.0.

Sunday 12th

AHL – Div 1A: Clare v Galway, 1.45; Westmeath v Limerick, 2.0; Cork v Wexford, 3.45. Div 1B: Antrim v Laois, 1.0; Kilkenny v Dublin, 1.45. Div 2A: Down v Derry, 1.0. Div 2B: Donegal v Wicklow, 1.0. Div 3A (2.0): Roscommon v Armagh; Louth v Fermanagh; Mayo v Monaghan.

Saturday 18th

AFL – Div 1: Armagh v Galway, 5.0; Kerry v Roscommon, 7.30. Div 2: Meath v Dublin, 3.0. Div 3: Antrim v Cavan, 2.0; Down v Longford, 6.0; Fermanagh v Westmeath, 6.0; Tipperary v Offaly, 6.0. Div 4: Carlow v Sligo, 5.0; Waterford v London, 6.0; Wexford v Wicklow, 7.0.

AHL – Div 3A (2.0): Armagh v Fermanagh; Monaghan v Roscommon; Louth v Mayo. Div 3B (2.0): Lancashire v Warwickshire; Leitrim v Longford.

Sunday 19th

AFL – Div 1: Monaghan v Tyrone, 2.0; Donegal v Mayo, 3.45. Div 2: Derry v Clare, 1.0; Louth v Cork, 1.0; Limerick v Kildare, 3.45. Div 4: Leitrim v Laois, 2.0.

AHL – Div 1A (1.45): Clare v Cork; Westmeath v Galway; Limerick v Wexford. Div 1B (1.45): Antrim v Tipperary; Dublin v Laois; Waterford v Kilkenny. Div 2A (1.0): Carlow v Derry; Kerry v Down; Offaly v Kildare. Div 2B (1.0): Donegal v Tyrone; London v Meath; Sligo v Wicklow.

Saturday-Sunday 25th/26th

AHL – Div 1, Div 2A, Div 2B, Div 3A, Div 3B semi-finals & Div 1 relegation playoff.

Sunday 26th

AFL – Div 1 (1.45): Galway v Kerry; Roscommon v Donegal; Tyrone v Armagh; Mayo v Monaghan. Div 2 (2.0): Clare v Limerick; Dublin v Louth; Kildare v Meath; Cork v Derry. Div 3 (2.0): Cavan v Fermanagh; Westmeath v Tipperary; Offaly v Down; Longford v Antrim. Div 4 (1.0): Wexford v Carlow; London v Laois; Waterford v Wicklow; Leitrim v Sligo.


Saturday-Sunday 1st-2nd

AFL – Div 1, Div 2, Div 3, Div 4 finals

AHL – Div 2A, Div 2B, Div 3A, Div 3B finals

Saturday/Sunday 8th/ 9th

AHL – Div 1 final

Gordon Manning

Gordon Manning

Gordon Manning is a sports journalist, specialising in Gaelic games, with The Irish Times