Save time and money when making international transfers online

The Irish Times has partnered with Moneycorp to provide the Irish Times International Money Transfer Service

The service helps readers save when they send their money overseas. As well as offering bank beating exchange rates, the convenience of a Moneycorp online account can also save you time and effort with all your international money transfers. 
Using the internet has made managing your personal finances more convenient than ever before. A 2013 survey by comparison site uSwitch has revealed that 68% of Irish internet users regularly go online to manage their finances. 
This 24/7 easy access to financial management also lets you take control of your foreign exchange and international money transfer needs; you can manage your overseas transfers with a convenient online account with Moneycorp, the foreign exchange experts that provide the Irish Times International Money Transfer Service.
Not only is it more convenient, but you will save money as Moneycorp's exchange rates are more favourable than those offered by the banks. These could be as much as 2-4 per cent better, which makes a difference of thousands when exchanging large amounts, and often a saving of hundreds on smaller amounts. 
The transfer fees are also far lower than those available at traditional high street banks. It can cost up to €40 a time to make currency transactions through a bank, whereas Moneycorp only charges between €5 and €15 to send funds abroad. If you're sending money overseas on a regular basis, this could save you hundreds a year on transfer fees alone. 
As well as the savings made against a bank with exchange rates and transfer fees, making your international money transfers online with Moneycorp is a great way to take advantage of the currency markets, which never close, meaning exchange rates fluctuate 24/7. With Moneycorp you have the freedom to transfer at any hour of the day to get the rate you want; you can receive automatic updates via email and SMS when exchange rates reach your desired level at any time with the 'rate tracker' service. This means you can easily get the rate you want with your online account. 
To keep you well informed of the never-closing, fast-moving currency market you can also enjoy the market expertise of Moneycorp online, with market briefs emailed to your inbox weekly. Moneycorp's online platform offers a wealth of exchange rate tools and live rate information and if you want any expert help for your transfer, Moneycorp's professional dealing team is only a phone-call away.
The Irish Times International Money Transfer Service, provided by Moneycorp allows you to easily buy or sell 34 currencies. You can pay using either your Irish bank debit card or money already in your account with Moneycorp. Transfers between major currencies such as euros and dollars can take place the same day.
 If you want to speak to someone before you start making transfers online, Moneycorp's dedicated Irish customer service team can talk you through the process and answer any questions you have.