Davos: Politics, business and climate change converge at the WEF

What's been dominating the agenda at the World Economic Forum?

Listen | 32:49

“If you want a reminder of global warming, Davos is the place to come,” reports Markets Correspondent, Joe Brennan, in the Swiss Alpine village where the World Economic Forum is taking place.

Climate change is one of the themes of this year’s event. Unfortunately, the recent winter heatwave means the highest town in Europe has significantly less snowfall than usual.

The Taoiseach, Finance Minister and a delegation from the IDA are there as part of Ireland’s attempt to court FDI. All three are awaiting news from Microsoft on how many Irish jobs will be among the plans announced today to cut its workforce by 10,000, globally.

Also in this week’s episode, Berlin Correspondent, Derek Scally, reports on a decision by Europe’s most senior data regulatory body with potential implications for Ireland’s exchequer. The European Data Protection Board has found the Data Protection Commission in Dublin failed to investigate, with due diligence, data collection and processing at Facebook and Instagram. Critics say this may have deprived the exchequer of a multibillion euro windfall.


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