Why is Boris Johnson giving in to Arlene Foster on Brexit?

DUP support seen as crucial to keeping hard Brexiteers in the Conservative party onside

October 2nd, 2019: Arlene Foster, DUP leader has said that her party will support the British government's new Brexit proposals which would see Northern Ireland stay in the European single market for goods, but leave the customs union - resulting in new customs checks.

The central theme of the Conservative Party conference in Manchester this year – if the ubiquitous banners were anything to go by – was to work out how to “Get Brexit Done”. And, on the final day after the government released its new proposals for the Irish border, it seemed they were at least pretending there was some movement towards achieving that goal.

Except the appearance of movement and actual movement are, needless to say, quite different things. Not long after Boris Johnson’s first conference speech as leader of the Conservative Party, Leo Varadkar said the reports of the proposal are “not encouraging” and “not the basis for a deal”.

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