Michael McDowell: Brace yourself for what a desperate Trump might do

US president is flailing amid his pandemic miscalculation as election battle looms

US president Donald Trump’s confidant Roger Stone has gushed over his political allies during an interview on Fox News, thanking God and Trump for the commutation of his conviction on seven felony counts. Video: Fox News

As the Covid-19 wave moves out of New England and into the south and west of the United States, the extent of infections is rising exponentially, especially in areas where Republican governors and state legislators responded to President Donald Trump’s call to reopen early regardless of the consequences. States such as Florida, which Trump had held up as an exemplar of optimism and positivity, are now overwhelmed by huge infection rates and a climbing mortality rate.

We are now less than four months off polling day for the US presidency and Trump is flailing about, seeking alibis for his complete miscalculation of the Covid-19 risk and his stubborn refusal to grasp the reality of the pandemic. On Fox News, his cheerleaders even call the pandemic the Dem-panic. This grave crisis was originally dismissed by Trump and his allies as a “hoax” being exaggerated by the Democratic Party and the fake media for political purposes.

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