Wind power and zero-carbon energy


Sir, – Contrary to the claim made by a letter writer (August 11th), wind energy provided nearly 37 per cent of Ireland’s electricity over the first six months of the year.

This figure has been rising steadily for years and, with the 1,300 MW of new renewable energy, including solar power for the first time, which recently won contracts under the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme, this rise will only accelerate. By 2025, as offshore wind farms are connected for the first time in two decades, wind energy will be the country’s main source of electricity. And by the end of the decade, alongside other renewable technologies, we will be providing 70 per cent of Ireland’s power. Beyond 2030, we are already looking at floating wind energy projects off our Atlantic coast and the potential, identified in the programme for government, of providing large amounts of renewable power to Europe.

If our new Government makes the right choices, puts in place a robust planning system, and reinforces our electricity grid, we can start to plan our way to a zero-carbon Irish electricity system.

We do not underestimate the challenge, but we are ready for it. – Yours, etc,


Head of Public Affairs,

Irish Wind Energy


Sycamore House,

Millennium Park,

Naas, Co Kildare.