Business and travel restrictions


Sir, – I am trying to manage a manufacturing business in the midlands which involves a lot of essential foreign travel (mainly to Germany and Hungary). As Germany is not on Ireland’s green list, we must restrict our movements for 14 days after arrival back in Ireland. We postponed essential installation work abroad in the middle of March.

We noted that Micheál Martin returned to work immediately after arriving from Brussels on July 21st without restricting his movements for 14 days. Therefore, we implemented a sensible alternative protocol for our staff which would enable us to resume our work abroad. We arranged two private Covid tests for each returning employee. One test was carried out soon after returning to Ireland, the second test four days after arrival. Two negative results should allow the travelling employee to return to work. All employees have so far received negative results.

However, I have been unable to get approval for this protocol from anyone in authority. We have been in communication with Ministers of State Peter Burke and Robert Troy without any satisfaction. We have lost 10 man weeks following our recent trips. Our employees are staying at home for 14 days despite twice being certified Covid-free.

We have tried to take sensible measures to recover our business and maintain our staff but have been thwarted by official inaction regarding foreign business travel.

Many companies have spent years building relationships abroad which are now threatened by the current policy. Is there anyone out there with any sense who can help? – Yours, etc,


Pem Automation Ltd,


Co Westmeath.