Who says we need developers?


Sir, – Do we really need developers? For example, in Sweden construction companies buy land directly from the state, municipalities and private individuals. They then apply for planning permission and subsequently build if approval is obtained. There are no “middle men” adding additional unnecessary costs for home purchasers in Sweden, as is the case in Ireland.

Friends of ours bought an apartment off-plan in Gothenburg back in 2012 for a set price that did not change. A deposit of 1 per cent of the total cost of the apartment was initially paid, another 2 per cent paid when contracts were signed and the remainder (97 per cent) was paid after inspection of the finished apartment, five days before keys were handed over. They were continuously informed of progress during the build, which involved the usual, rigorous independent inspections. Their bank paid directly to the construction company’s bank and, in addition, no legal fees were required. – Yours, etc,