Wasteful planned obsolescence


Sir, – Recently my tumble dryer went on the blink. I figured out that the problem was a broken element. I was going to get a new element and fix the tumble dryer myself. I discovered a new element would cost €114!

A new tumble dryer cost €179 so it was not worthwhile fixing the machine. So I bought a new one. I did a bit of investigating and discovered that all spare parts are extremely expensive.

Why is that? I can only assume that the appliance manufacturing companies are deliberately overpricing spare parts to discourage “local repair” so that they can sell new appliances .

If we are serious about protecting our environment we need to tackle this type of wasteful production model. So why ask me as an individual to pay a carbon tax when we are supporting this type of environmental crime?

This very same business model is pursued by many manufacturing sectors, such as the auto industry and the clothing industry. Our disposable economic model is an environmental crime. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 2.