Time to regulate HSE managers


Sir, – Ruary Martin (July 2nd) finds it “rather worrying” that “hospital management and the HSE do not appear to play any role whatsoever in dealing with sub-performing medics in Ireland” because there are so few complaints from them to the Medical Council about “sub-performing medics in Ireland.”

I am all for regulation. Let’s face it, no human likes being accountable (who likes penalty points?) but it changes human behaviour for the better.

At least Mr Martin may derive a modicum of solace to know that at least there is a Medical Council and that doctors are generally fully trained to do their work. (Apart from some medical “consultants” that are not on the specialist register of the Medical Council that those self same-managers feel it acceptable to foist upon unsuspecting patients as being specialist-trained consultants in a particular medical speciality when they are not – but that’s another story.)

Mr Martin might subscribe to the belief that “what’s sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander” and that for the protection of the public there needs to be a regulatory medical council equivalent for managers?

Let’s call it a “Management Council” that members of the public and doctors can complain about “sub-performing managers in Ireland?”

As an example, a report from 2014 found that that only 16 per cent of finance staff in the HSE surveyed had accountancy qualifications. That report called for improved training and continuing professional development for staff working in the finance area. Regulation and accountability for all staff working in the health and other public services can only be good for patients and the general public. – Yours, etc,


Consultant Paediatric


Ros Mhic Treoin,

Co Chill Chainnigh.