Constitution and women in the home


Sir, – To call for the removal of Article 41.2 from the Constitution without replacing it with a gender neutral provision is not a feminist perspective and does nothing more than serve the interests of late-stage liberal capitalism where people’s value is measured solely by their economic output. Feminism has little to do with getting more women on executive boards or more women as chief executives. A true feminist perspective challenges the very idea that working in the home is less important or valuable than working outside. It is a great shame, but not a surprise, that the campaign to remove this provision is endorsed by highly paid upper-middle-class women and men. For working-class women, who have been in the workplace for a very long time and who are often forced to eke out precarious existences in badly paid jobs – cleaning the homes and caring for the children of the upper-middle classes – the removal of this provision will have only negative impacts. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 18.