Time to ban foie gras

Sir, – Is anyone really still eating the diseased livers of tormented birds? With the fowl product off the menu in New York, it’s time to roll out the faux gras, the joie gras – and all the other vegan pâtés!

As people all over the world are pushing for bans on the production and sale of foie gras, it seems the days of this disgusting “torture in a tin” are numbered. On foie gras farms, workers repeatedly ram pipes down the throats of gentle ducks and geese, pumping huge amounts of grain into their stomachs, often tearing holes in their necks and sometimes rupturing their internal organs.

It’s time to implement a sales and import ban. Until such a ban is in place, consumers have the power of the purse and can reject this unpalatable cruelty by choosing one of the many tasty and animal-friendly vegan pâtés already on the market. – Yours, etc,


People for the Ethical


of Animals,