‘Swedish model riddled with flaws’


Sir, – Shana Cohen links the rise of the far-right Swedish Democrats to rising inequality in Sweden (“Swedish model is riddled with inequitable flaws”, Opinion & Analysis, March 6th).

Anyone with a passing knowledge of Swedish politics could tell her that their rise is linked to an immigration policy that almost abandoned any semblance of border control or checks on people claiming asylum.

This deliberate policy to create a multicultural society was accompanied by a stultifying consensus that brooked no debate or discussion on the issue. A sharp increase in crime, rising inequality and increased ghettoisation are the fruits of this policy.

With an increasing number of open-borders proponents on the left in Ireland we need to take heed. Not consulting with people and shutting down debate on who comes here and who lives here will lead to an increase in support for far-right and populist parties. – Yours, etc,



Co Clare.