Mary McAleese and the church


Sir, – Mary McAleese effectively parted ways with the Catholic Church a long time ago (“McAleese threatens to leave Catholic Church if Vanier story not explained”, News, March 4th). She disagrees with some of its fundamental teachings, eg on abortion, and on sexuality. She dislikes its structures. She dislikes its leaders. She thinks the church should pay more attention, and give more power, to women like her.

It is sadly typical that she wants to converse on the matter directly with the Pope, and that she wants the whole process filtered through news media that are openly hostile to the church.

So I politely disagree with recent letters (March 6th) expressing support for her and begging her to stay. – Yours, etc,



Co Waterford.

Sir, – Unlike my fellow Malahide resident William Murphy, who suggests that those dissatisfied with the Catholic Church should “try a different one,such as the Church of Ireland or the Presbyterians” (Letters, March 6th), I’d recommend staying and using every occasion to demand , protest and work for necessary change within.

As ownership of the Catholic Church resides with all Catholics and not just with the Pope and hierarchy, we have the duty and right to regain our patrimony. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.