Sinn Féin and abstentionism


A chara, – Noel Whelan’s article on why Sinn Féin should take its seats at Westminster is timely (“Sinn Féin must end abstentionism to achieve a united Ireland”, Opinion & Analysis, March 16th). In the coming weeks, a Bill will come before the House of Commons to provide that the UK would remain in the Customs Union. On the basis that almost all Labour MPs, along with the Scottish Nationalists, the Liberal Democrats, the Green and the Independent Unionist, as well as some Tories could support it, there is a possibility it could be carried. If the six Sinn Féin MPs supported it, its passage would be more likely.

But let us be very clear. If Sinn Féin does not support this measure and it fails by a handful of votes, it will be as culpable as the Eurosceptic Tories of creating the hard border on this island that will result from the UK leaving the Customs Union.

Simply collecting salaries and expenses from Westminster will not stop the disaster of a hard border. – Is mise,



Gorey, Co Wexford.