The Eighth Amendment


Sir, – Thank you, William Binchy, for clarifying and confirming that repeal of Article 40.3.3 will remove the only constitutional protection for human life in the womb and replace it with an abortion clause (“Supreme Court gives us a clear choice in referendum”, Opinion & Analysis, March 14th). This referendum has been accurately described in the media for some time as “the abortion referendum”. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 15.

A chara, – William Binchy asks a very important question, “Do we want politicians to be able to legislate for abortion on demand with few restrictions?” That is the power of life and death. Politicians, in effect, playing God. For all who appreciate the sacredness, and the value, of human life – each life unique and precious – I believe that the answer must be “No”. – Is mise,


An Charraig Dhubh,

Co Átha Cliath.

Sir, – E Dillon writes that “there is a genuine fear out there – warranted or not” that pro-choice campaigners will use repeal of the Eighth Amendment as “a stepping stone . . . to ultimately allow abortion on demand” (March 14th). This is no longer a “fear”, it is a fact.

This was helpfully confirmed to your newspaper recently by Ailbhe Smyth, the head of the “Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment”, who said that proposed legislation for abortion on demand up to 12 weeks is a “baseline” and “a minimum for future progress” (Fiach Kelly, “Abortion referendum: Phoney war prevails until legislation is clear”, Analysis, March 3rd).

The fact that the self-anointed leader of the campaign for repeal views what would amount to the most liberal abortion regime in Europe as simply a starting point for future liberalisation will greatly assist many voters in making up their minds on how to vote. I would encourage Ms Smyth to repeat these sentiments as often as she can between now and polling day. – Yours, etc,


Harolds Cross,

Dublin 6W.